Nova Diamonds Story

Nova Diamonds was founded in 2018 from a love for diamonds and gemstones and a passion for design. We set out to design the most exquisite rings using the finest materials and provide the best online shopping experience.

Today, Nova Diamonds offers over 50 bespoke ring designs, and we give you the opportunity to configure your own ring. You can select your own diamond shape, setting and metal to suit your taste and your budget. This online shopping experience is backed by a team of salespeople who are always available to help.

All our rings are handcrafted and designed in-house. Our diamond experts ensure only the best diamonds are used. We offer colourless to faintly coloured diamonds (D-I colour grade) with exceptional clarity (FL-SI2) to suit most budgets.

The Nova Diamonds Way

Jewellery is not inanimate. It is given with love to express romance, trust, fidelity and relationships. At Nova Diamonds, we put the passion of giving into our work to design the most beautiful engagement and wedding rings you can buy.

We truly believe in crafting the highest-quality rings and bespoke jewellery. Our use of the finest diamonds and precious metals tells only part of the story. Our designers dedicate their lives to creating the perfect jewellery. Our dedication, craftsmanship and patience to this process gives our brand true exclusivity.

Excellence in Every Ring

Have you ever been shown a ring that has blown you away? Perhaps it was the clarity and sparkle of the diamond. Perhaps it was the size of the stone, or the intricacy of the setting or band. This excellence is something you remember.

At Nova Diamonds, we deliver excellence in every ring. From your choice of diamond to the setting design and metal, you can’t go wrong here. We offer you lots of choice with designs that spark your imagination. Whether you want something classical or something different, we know you will be delighted with the finished result.

Creating Lasting Memories

Rings symbolise commitment, love and devotion. They can also symbolise a promise, important moments, and achievement. Whatever the reason for giving, rings create lasting memories. They are special tokens kept forever.

Whether you wish to propose marriage, or have an important birthday or anniversary coming up, we honour your occasion with exquisite rings and jewellery. It’s all about you and your loved one. Our rings are mere tokens.

Our diamond and jewellery experts are available 24/7 to help you choose the right product and answer your questions. We’re here to help.

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