After Sale Service

Not only desirable for their brilliance and beauty, but diamonds are also incredibly hard wearing. As one of the toughest substances on earth, diamonds do not suffer from scuffs and scratches, meaning your investment should forever be safe. The fact your diamond will be set in jewellery should also provide it with an additional layer of protection.

Even so, diamonds are not indestructible. For example, they're especially vulnerable to chips and breaks at the girdle. For this reason, it’s always advisable to remove your diamond ring when performing or participating in physical activities such as gardening, intense exercise and even doing the dishes. The last thing we would want is for your diamond to be damaged or compromised in any way. That's why we advocate the correct care of diamonds such as professional cleaning and polishing - a service Nova Diamonds is proud to offer.

Our Professional Cleaning and Polishing Service

As with other items of clothing and jewellery, diamond rings will be exposed to all manner of substances during the course of ordinary wear. Things like dirt, dust, perspiration, makeup, natural skin oils, chlorine, bleach and other household chemicals can cling to the surface of your diamond and affect its aesthetic appeal.
Thankfully, it's relatively straightforward to clean these materials off of your diamond ring. For example, there are a number of non-toxic cleaning solutions that are specifically formulated for diamonds, helping to maintain their shine and restore natural beauty.

However, it is highly recommended to have your diamond ring professionally inspected once every six months or so. Along with checking for any chips or breaks, a diamond expert can also clean and polish your ring at the same time to an incredibly high standard.

Get in touch with Nova Diamonds to book a professional clean and polish.

You should have your diamond ring inspected whenever it undergoes any sort of trauma too, such as being dropped or coming into contact with a hard surface. If the ring has been inadvertently damaged in any way, this will prevent the loss of your diamond solitaire.

Storing and Insuring Your Diamond

The hardness of a diamond has the potential to damage other gemstones and jewellery. That's why you should store all your diamond jewellery in soft cloth pouches when not being worn.

For added peace of mind, you should also consider insuring your diamonds against loss, theft and damage.

If you require any assistance with the cleaning, storing or insuring of your diamond jewellery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nova Diamonds - it’s all part of our after sales service.