Engagement rings are a promise of future happiness, a symbol of the love you share.

Crafted in precious metals and fine diamonds, we know that our engagement rings are forever cherished and adored. That’s why we put you, the customer first to source the finest quality diamonds, meticulously checking their quality for your peace of mind.

Take inspiration from our range of beautiful, ethical and unique diamond engagement rings.


Solitaire refers to any piece of jewellery with a single, stunning diamond. They are a popular choice for engagement rings as the solitaire diamond showcases classic elegance and celebrates the beauty of this precious gemstone. Due to its effortless finesse, you won't have to worry about finding a wedding band that will match either.


Halo rings feature a centre stone surrounded by a luminous circle of smaller diamonds. This is another popular choice because the halo maximises the visual impact of the main diamond. The intricate nature of the smaller stones will also catch the light at every angle. Depending on the band, you can make the ring look incredibly modern or as a timeless classic.

Diamond Band

Diamond band rings come with a multitude of stunning gemstones, which perfectly complement each other and reflect the light for a dazzling display of colour. Diamond band rings are best for showcasing scintillation - the term used to describe the play of white and coloured flashes of light seen when diamonds are viewed in motion.


Trilogy rings have a central diamond accompanied on both sides by two additional stones. Also known as the 'three stone style', this option can be easily customised with a number of different combinations to suit the wearer's personality. Trilogy rings have come to symbolise friendship, love and fidelity, as well as the past, present and future of your relationship


Vintage rings combine timeless aesthetic appeal with the trappings of contemporary fashion. Most vintage engagement rings are utterly unique, making them the ideal option for those who want to stand out. They also serve as the perfect symbol for enduring love, as nothing will be able to break your bond.

Nova Diamonds understands the significance of an engagement ring and how important it is to select the right one. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of classic and contemporary looks where you’ll find the ideal option for you or your partner.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

The stone

Start your search with the choice of stone. You can't go wrong with the simplicity and elegance of diamonds, but other gemstones could better match the flair of your personality. Although coloured gemstones are often less expensive, they are softer than diamonds and less conventional.

The cut

From round to pear, princess to marquise, there's a number of shapes to suit every engagement ring and its wearer. Each cut shows off unique attributes that make the most of the stone's properties.

The caratage

Carat (ct) when referred to metals should not be confused with diamond carat, which signifies the weight of the diamond (yet not necessarily its size).

The style

Think about personal taste before looking at specific designs and settings. For example, do you prefer classic, modern or vintage styles? The key to selecting your jewellery style is what you connect with emotionally.

The setting

This refers to how you'll show off your precious stone. While this is an aesthetic choice for many people, it often helps to determine what you require in terms of wearability. Would you prefer the setting to sit higher or closer to your finger, be sleek and narrow or bold and beautiful?

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