Our Commitment

We shape every jewellery at Nova Diamond with love and care to fit your special moment - the Moments that matter. Whether proposing, arranging a wedding, or simply wanting to celebrate a special occasion, here are our commitments.

Life Time Guarantee

For the life of the product, all of our products are guaranteed free from manufacturing defects. You may return an item for inspection by our production team if you believe it has a manufacturing defect. We will repair or replace your purchase if it is damaged by a manufacturing defect. In the event that the item is no longer available, we may replace it with a like-kind item or refund the original selling price.

We will notify you immediately if the damage is not caused by a manufacturing defect. Whether repair services are available for free or at a cost will be disclosed to you.

The craftsmanship of each item may vary slightly and is unique. There are also natural characteristics or internal inclusions in diamonds (visible or not) that make each item unique and individual. It is important to note that these characteristics are part of what makes the item unique, and shouldn't be considered as defects of the item.

90 days return policy

Our customers can return or exchange their jewellery within 90 days of receiving their order. We do offer free shipping on all orders, however please cover the shipping charge when returning your order.

The returned item(s) will be reviewed by our Quality Assurance department. The return of items that have been altered, resized (by Nova Diamond or a jeweler other than Nova Diamond), or damaged is not possible.

Nova diamond will repair or replace an item free of charge or refund the customer in full if the item is faulty or different from what they ordered.

Ring Size

For our UK customers, we offer a free ring resize with every purchase. We'll kindly ask you to cover the shipping cost back to us for a ring resize, and we'll ship it back to you free of charge. We’re unable to offer resize services to customers outside of the US & UK or accept returns on orders that have been resized.

Rings that need to be resized by more than two sizes will need to be remade. The fee to remake a ring starts from £250

Ethical Sourcing

The ethical sourcing of diamonds is at the heart of everything we do at Nova Diamonds. We are proud to only purchase diamonds through the world's most respected suppliers who adhere to industry-wide sourcing guidelines.

For something as momentous as the giving and receiving of an engagement or wedding ring, especially when they're made from the most scarce materials on earth, nothing but complete honesty and transparency will suffice.

That’s why we’re giving you an insight into our approach to ethical sourcing. It is our duty to ensure your product comes from a country and company with morally correct policies and business practices. As a result, you can buy from Nova Diamonds with 100% confidence.

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