Wedding rings signify the eternal bond of love, an authentic emblem of fidelity.

From simple bands to diamond set rings, our stunning collection has options to suit everyone without compromising quality. We know that such a meaningful piece of bridal jewellery must be created with exacting attention to detail.

Browse our wedding ring collection today to commemorate your special occa

Different styles of wedding ring


Classing wedding rings are the epitome of simplicity and style featuring little more than a clean band made from precious metal. Available in different levels of depth and width, they're the perfect way to make the statement that your love needs no additional embellishment or ostentation.

Diamond Set

Diamond set options feature this precious gemstone embossed into the band itself. They're subtle yet stunning and will perfectly complement the brilliance of any engagement ring. Any number of gems can be placed into a platinum or gold ring depending on your style and preference.

All of our wedding rings, from metal-only bands to options encrusted with diamonds, are crafted with extraordinary care to meet incredibly high standards. These symbols of enduring partnership and commitment deserve nothing less than the best.

Wedding Ring Metals


Platinum wedding rings are the most popular choice for bridal jewellery thanks to their cool white sheen and hypoallergenic properties. They require little to no maintenance yet still manage to exude poise and purpose.

White gold

While almost identical to platinum in appearance, white gold evokes a feeling of opulence and elegance. They are often plated with rhodium to enhance their appearance.

Rose gold

Rose gold rings make for an excellent choice on all skin tones because of a soft and warm look. Despite a traditional association with femininity, they are an increasingly popular choice for men, especially when paired with a brushed texture or unique gemstones.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the most traditional of the precious metal options. With a rich appearance that symbolises strength and solidarity, they continue to adorn the hands of many happy couples.

Women’s Wedding Rings

Women's wedding rings shouldn't be overlooked or ignored after your engagement. In fact, they can provide just as much grace and glamour with the addition of diamonds - the main difference between men's and women's wedding rings.

Seal your commitment and add some extra sparkle to your hand with our selection of beautiful wedding bands. Both simple designs and intricate pieces are available to provide an understated approach or even more radiance.

Men’s Wedding Rings

Men's wedding rings have come a long way since the days of simple gold bands. From classic to unique statement pieces, they can now reflect your unique personality and the love you share with your partner.

We have carefully sourced a wide selection of wedding rings for our stunning collection, meaning there is something for every man and his unique style. Choose a ring for every occasion or something that symbolises your wedding day so you'll never forget it.

womens wedidng rings

Wedding Ring Textures


Polished rings are reflective and shiny. It’s the classic jewellery finish, especially for wedding bands.


Florentine rings feature an intricate lattice pattern on the surface of the ring for a more textured feel.

Soft brushed

Soft brushed rings have a coarse-like look to them for added detail while retaining a silky smooth texture.

Wire brushed

Wire brushed rings come with deep marks that resemble fine hairs and are guaranteed to stand out.


Sandblasted rings are grainy to touch thanks to a noticeably coarse finish. Perfect for those wanting a textured wedding ring.


Satin rings are smooth to touch yet feature delicate brush marks, creating a surface similar to a fogged mirror.

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